Happy New Year 2015!

Okay – I really will commit to getting this blog going.  I have so much information piling up that I’d love to share, but if I keep procrastinating, that pile will keep growing rather than shrink.

Last year I attempted to “train” myself to blog by attempting to regularly post something meaningful on Twitter.  I thought, “What’s the point of a blog if I cannot get into the habit of regularly posting articles?”.  My Twitter experiment was a miserable failure – only lasted about a month…maybe 6 weeks.  Just seems trying to cram something “meaningful” into 140 characters is tough to do.

So this year the new plan is to commit to posting at least once per month.  If I can’t find some time in 30-odd days to type up a quick article to share with random people who find this little corner of the internet, then I should really give up the idea of this blog.  However, I am optimistic this will get me going.  I will mix new challenges I encounter this year with catching up on adventures I’ve already experienced (like the security alarm comedy of errors when I first moved in or the basement fiasco of 2013…) so if you stumbled upon this entry, I invite you to come back to see which story (old or new) will be the next to grace the internet.

Until then, wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2015!

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