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As the title implies, these are the sites where you take surveys to be paid.  How much you are paid typically depends on the length and sponsor of the survey.  They can be worth a few cents to several dollars.  There are a variety of survey sites, from free to sign up, to paid to participate.  My experiment concentrated on the free survey sites only.

Once you sign up, most sites have a panel of profiles for you to fill out.  Some offer monetary incentive for completing these, some don’t.  It’s advisable to fill these profiles out to maximize your chances of being matched to potential surveys.  Most sites will email you when surveys are available. 

Once you are notified, simply log on to your account and take the survey.  Surveys often start with pre-qualifying questions which may disqualify you.  The most common mistake made are people getting frustrated when they take a pre-qualifier and are disqualified, but they think they completed the survey.  After taking surveys for a while, you’ll beging to get the feel for which questions are the pre-qualifier questions, and which are the actual survey.  The best way to know if you’ve completed a survey successfully is to look for the “congratulations” or “success” page at the end.  If you don’t qualify, you typically receive a “sorry you didn’t qualify” page.

Tip: To improve your earning potential with surveys, I recommend signing up for as many as possible.  Different sites attract different businesses contracting with them.  As a result, the only way to know which survey sites are the “best” for you is to work a variety and see which ones offer surveys you qualify for more often than others.  You can read reviews, but I found the only important thing is whether or not the site pays.  If so, and if it’s free to sign up, no reason not to give it a try. 

Another thing to work to your advantage is to prioritize working sites that pay when you take the pre-qualifier questions.  Not all sites do this, but for those sites that do, that means you make some money each time you take a minute or two to answer a few questions.  Do this consistently and before you know it, you will hit your cashout.

Finally, after you’ve taken surveys from a variety of sites, you’ll start to know which survey sites you have higher qualification success than others.  Knowing this is useful during bountiful survey times and you simply don’t have enough time to work all surveys.  During those times, concentrate on the sites you have the best success first, and if you still have time, then work through the remaining surveys.  This way if a survey expires or ends due to making their quota on your lesser successful sites, you won’t feel like you missed an opportunity.

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